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  • First of all, I appreciate that you have chosen to use my graphics on your personal page.

  • Please read this entire page carefully. Any use of the graphics on Graphic Originals is an indication that you have agreed to these terms.

  • Most of these graphics are "Linkware". This means that you can use them in return for a linkback to Graphic Originals. Linkware is only to be used on personal pages.

    Here are some linking buttons if there is no matching one available. Please link them back to the front page of Graphic Originals; you may copy and paste this code:

    <a href="http://www.graphicoriginals.com/"><img src=" path to image here "></a>

  • All images must be downloaded to your own server. You may never link to any graphics on this website.

  • Web TV users- do not link to graphics for any reason, (this inlcudes your mail). It is not only illegal but not nice!, and totally unnecessary. You may transload graphics by going to this link -- transload service --it is free .

  • Linkware graphics are only for use on personal, not for profit websites. If you have anything for sale, you are a commmercial site and must pay a licensing fee for the use of any graphics. A link to Amazon.com or membership in an affiliate program means that you have a commercial site-whether you have made any money or not. My fees are very reasonable.

  • Graphics may not be changed in any way; including resizing, recoloring or changing the layout of a webpage set. You may not use elements from one webpage set on another; they are a set and are to be used together or not at all. ( you do not have to use all the elements but those you do use must be used within the webpage set they were designed for). This means you may not take a button or bar and use it on its own. You may be a very creative person, but these graphics are MY creations and they are to be used as I want them to be used. If you would like to mix and match, please use something else.

    You may add your own text to blank buttons or titles were necessary. No other changes are permitted.

  • You may not claim them as your own. You cannot offer them for free or for sale; I do not need a mirror site. If you would like to offer them in some way, by any means, you must have written permission.

  • You must provide a linkback to Graphic Originals on the same page that the graphics are used. Most webpage sets have a matching button that will compliment the set. Link these to the main page of Graphic Originals using this code:

    <a href="http://www.graphicoriginals.com/"><img src=" path to image here "></a>.

    If you would rather not use a button, please give a text link like this:

    <a href="http://www.graphicoriginals.com/"> Graphic Originals </a>.

Copyright 1999 Barbara Novak