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Pysanky, Ukrainian Eggs, are an ancient art form. Here you will find traditional as well as contemporary designs, all made with traditional materials using beeswax and dye. Most designs can be done on all sizes of eggshells; custom design requests are welcome. I have been creating designs on eggs for over 25 years. At first the designs were all traditional. Now they are a mixture of traditional and contemporary-those designs of my own.

Naturally, I have many more designs than I have time to execute. I also am very excited about working out someone else's idea about a particular design for a special occasion. I have files and folders full of ideas, sketches and notes--well, you know how it is with ideas! Please browse through the different pages and see the designs. I have many more available than are on these pages; what you see here are just a small example of the type of egg designs that can be done.

Other designs can be posted online for viewing.

The eggs below will lead you to many other designs on the same size eggs. Designs can usually be done on any size egg, with some modifications. Eggs that are marked REPLACED, have been sold and are available again but the photo is of the original egg. Each egg takes dye differently and an artist never makes exactly the same egg twice-even if they try. The replacement eggs are made as close to the original photo as possible. Eggs that are marked SOLD are left in order to see the designs. Those may be custom ordered. Some eggs will only be available as a custom order; if you have any questions please ask.

All my eggs are available for purchase through my shop on Etsy.
My shop name is my name and can also be found by searching Sellers for barbaranovak.
You will find the same designs as well as new ones. Eggs are made to order and are OOAK (one of a kind). My eggs are in collections from Sweden to Australia.

Shipping is by Priority Mail when available. Thank you for visiting my site; comments are welcome.

Quail eggs are the smallest eggs dyed on a regular basis.
Bantam eggs are smaller than a chicken egg and come in various shades of cream and brown.
Chicken eggs-in all shades of white, cream and brown.
Duck eggs are white or pale blue and about the size of chicken eggs.
Goose eggs can very in size from 8 to 10+ inches (measured around the long axis).
Ostrich, the largest eggs from the largest birds.
Etching-various colors and sizes.
Holiday designs on various size eggs.
Custom eggs. Photos of past commissions and how to order.
Brief history of pysanky; colors and symbols.
Process - emptying eggs, dye process, classes and displays.
Copyright 1999 Barbara Novak