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The Ukrainian Gift Shop -everything for the egg artist (the wax and dye artist that is)
Pysanky Showcase -Decorated Eggs and Dyes, History and Explanations
Ukrainian Eggs by Ginny -Decorated Eggs, paintings and links to things Canadian
Eve's Eggs -my friend Eve has marvelous eggs
Jim Helms -locally called "the Egg Man" he raises and ships eggs from many types of birds: chickens, geese, turkeys, Guinea fowl. Just tell him what you need and he'll help you out


The Art of Wildlife- fellow artists Wes and Rachelle Siegrist; mind boggling detail in a tiny format.
Linda Rossin- large and miniature wildlife art of fellow artist and friend
BFree Studios Barbara Freeman Miniatures, fellow artist and friend
MASF-Minature Art Society of Florida


Breeds of Chicken
Bantam chicken definition
Bantam Pets

List of Goose Breeds
Various breeds of geese
Raising Geese

Breeds of Ducks
Duck info
Duck Breeds

How to raise quail
Common Quail
Bobwhite Quail

Ostrich definition
Ostrich info from the San Diego Zoo


Dictionary.com If you're going to put it on the web, at least spell it correctly!
Lissa Explains it All -she has all the basics; a good place to start for your first web page
HTMLGoodies - how to do things, in an easy to understand format
Anfy Special Effects -please use sparyingly!
Xatshow.com -you can make your own screen savers
Dynamic Drive -lots of copy/paste scripts
About.com -information on just about anything and everything! it will get you started at least
Smilies! all original and very nicely done
mail.com Free email. If you use an account here to sign up for things, you won't be getting any spam on your private email account at home. That's what I do.
Postcards from Jan Brett -the author and illustrator has wonderful pictures from her own stories

Billy Bear 4 Kids.com -one of the largest kid safe sites online
Free script to use with your own counter graphics
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Free Game Download every day from Game House Games!
Comics.com -B.C., Wizard of Id, Andy Capp, Strange Brew, others
Baby Blues The oh so true daily mis-adventures of the McPherson's: Darryl, Wanda, Zoe, Hammie and Wren.
The Genealogy Home Page -links to help you search your family history
Cyndi's List an incredible page of lists of links to nearly everything online dealing with genealogy
Digital Camera Product Review -got family? (got a pet?) take pictures! I use digital.

The Hunger Site -click once each day to give free food to the hungry of the world-Its free for you too. There are tabs at the top of the page for Breast Cancer, Child Health, Animal Rescue and the Rainforest, all sponsored help organizations. Click them all once each day; it can make a difference.
eBay.com Sell your junk, buy someone else's!

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