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This ostrich egg was created for an article in the Akron Beacon Journal that ran on Easter Sunday 2004. First it was put in a library display and later passed around at the demonstration.
A similar egg can be ordered for $300.00 and would be shipped using priority mail. Other stylized animals or symbols may be used instead of the ram and Easter greeting.

I had already prepared the empty ostrich egg shell by coating the inside with Thompson's Waterseal and letting it dry for 3 days.
Captions are beneath the photos.

Ostrich egg in lathe, vertical dividing line showing.

The basket and towell buffer used to hold the ostrich egg.

Egg in basket, showing lines for eternity band.

Dividing the eternity band equally.

My trusty tape for dividing, Pencilling the band took 8 hours.

White lines-waxing the eternity band.

White lines-the ram.

The backside of the egg.

Backside of the egg with Easter message.

White wax lines-eternity band.

The artist's signature-mine.

Floating in the yellow dye. 25 minutes to get a nice base. I kept turning it every few minutes so a different section was in the dye. I rolled the egg each time to bathe the entire egg with the dye. I set 2 timers; one for 3 minutes to turn the egg and one for 30 minutes to time the dye bath.

Everything waxed yellow and ready for the next dye bath.

The egg waxed red and ready for the final background dye.

Navy Blue as the final background dye. So dark and even, it would pass for black.

Wax half melted off in the oven. Egg on homemade rack with paper towel to catch excess wax.

Wax completely removed.

After dipping in varnish; drying on the rack.

After varnish has dried.

Copyright 1999 Barbara Novak