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Examples of Custom eggs may be seen here.

EGG CHOICE- The gift of a custom designed egg is very special and can be the perfect choice for that someone who has everything. The design can be made of traditional symbols or something with special meaning. A explanation of traditional symbols or design elements is included with the egg and as a keepsake for the giver (example here). Eggs differ in size and color as shown in the example below. Larger eggs are more expensive as they take longer to design and execute but they are more impressive and allow for more or larger design elements.


The Emu egg is not dyed; it is etched or carved. I have not experimented with them yet and do not offer them at this time.

DISPLAY- Eggs up to a goose size may hang from a cord or ribbon or sit upon a stand; larger eggs will sit upon a stand. The hole is usually placed to accommodate your choice.
COLORS- Traditional colors of white, yellow, orange, red and black can be used or any color special to you or the occasion. Each shell will dye differently but I try to come as close as I can to the desired hue.
PAYMENT- Payment must be in full before design work begins. I accept payment through Paypal where you can transfer cash or use a credit card or you may send a personal check but I will wait until it clears. Prices will depend on the size of egg and the design decided upon. Shipping is by Priority Mail when available and I charge the exact cost of shipping. I will tell you the shipping cost by return mail when you place your order by email. Allow 2-3 weeks for smaller eggs and 3-4 weeks for the Rhea and Ostrich. Eggs are usually shipped USPS Priority mail.


Chicken and Duck eggs start at $45.00.
Goose eggs start at $125.00
Rhea eggs start at $200.00
Ostrich eggs begin at $300.00

Contact me to discuss your custom design!

All my eggs are available for purchase through my shop on Etsy.

*Thanks to my friend Eve Butterly for the egg size photo.
Copyright 1999 Barbara Novak