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Here are some of my cursors. I hope you will enjoy them. Please download the file, open with a zip or expander program and put in a file of your choosing. The .gifs on this page are also available; if you use the gif, you owe me a link!

Cursors for your desktop. The cursors you see here are .gif images. To use any of the cursors you see, you must download them in a zip file. Before requesting the zip file, please read my Terms of Use .
At this time, I have placed all of the cursors into one file. The scissors cursor is an animated one.
You are very welcome to use any of these .gif images on your pages in return for a linkback to Graphic Originals.
blue left arrow cursor blue right arrow cursor green left arrow cursor green right arrow cursor yellowleft arrow cursor yellow right arrow cursor red left red right arrow cursor pink left arrow cursor white left arrow cursor white right arrow cursor
orange left arrow cursor orange right arrow cursor purple left arrow cursor purple right arrow cursor              
buffalo cursor left buffalo cursor right chimp cursor left chimp cursor right eagle cursor flower heart cursor ox left ox right Pharaoh left swan cursor cowboy hat cursor
animated scissors cursor rifle left wedding cake left red bicycle cursor quill pen left          
Download cursor zip file.
Copyright 1999 Barbara Novak